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Abdul Rahman Al Khulaifi

While Skills Development Centre celebrates its 20th Anniversary, I take this opportunity to congratulate each and every members associated with the Institute and became involved in its success and growth during these years. Children with inborn talents are the most valuable and creative assets of the community and contribute significantly towards cultural integration. The sound knowledge of an art form which one is practicing and its comparison with other art forms will de finitely improve the innovative ideas of those minds and this institute is very much capable in practicing it by molding young artists by stimulating their talents and creativity.
The institute’s socio-cultural inputs to the community such as nurturing and molding our young talents in our indigenous art forms, preparing and organizing platforms for their performances, conducting stage programs for all our cultural and national festivals are marvelous and countable. The Souvenir “Spectrum’” is a vehicle for Skills Development Centre to realize their potential and communicate their ideas and experiences with our society. Years back, it was my great interestin Indian Art Forms leaded me to start Skils Development Centre with its founder members with a fine focus to nurture and contribute the benevolent of lndian Fine Arts and Performing Arts among Qatar’s Cultural Society. Now When I look back, it was my team’s steady, focused and motivated efforts which eventually fetched the good reputation of being the leading Art & Cultural Centre operating in the region. Itis a pleasure to see that “Spectrum” truly represents the thoughts and opinions of the team and exhibits a vibgyor of their achievements through these years. So let US all work towards achieving the vision of our Institute of grooming our young students and making them capable in every possible way, to transmit colors of excellence through the spectrum of Art and Culture. Iwish all the best for Skills Development Centre especially the Students and Faculty team.