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Karate Trainer

Sensei Shihabuddeen

Is a Chief instructor of Japan Shotokan Karate (JSKA) Qatar Chapter with 6th Dan Black belt. He is authorized Instructor of Qatar Karate Federation since 2001. Working with Skills Development Centre since 2002 as the chief instructor of Karate Department. He has achieved National and International Championships in Karate Taekwondo and Kick boxing. His students grabed medals in Qatar National and International Championships. He achieved Best Instructor Award in 2011, 2014, and 2015 from JSKA World Grand Master Sensei Abe Keigo . He monitor student ‘s progress and prepare them to advance in rank. He test students throughout the year and hold ceremonies to give students their new belts. If students participated in Karate Championship, the instructor trained hard and prepare them to grab medals and Championship.
Sensei Shihabudheen is an enthusiastic Karate instructor conducted many workshops and Championships in India and Qatar. He is with Skills Development Centre from last 21 years. Many Championships witnessed his skills in karate, KATA and KUMITE (Forms and sparring) He is most determined, punctual and Disciplined Karate Master in Qatar.