Mrs. Sowmya Govind Naidu

Sowmya is a recipient of the Central Government of India Scholarship – awarded by the Union Ministry of Culture during the year 2003-2005 for Dance and 2006-2008 for Nattuvangam (cyllabals).

She is blessed to be guided in Yoga from her Guru Dr. Vasundhara, who is one of the pioneer disciple’s of renowned Shri Pattabhi Jois from Mysore in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Marga.

Some of the performances in prestigious festivals include – Hampi Utsav- Karnataka, Khajuraho Dance Festival – Madhya Pradesh, Pattadakal Dance Festival (Chalukya Utsav) – Karnataka, Natarajothsava National Dance Festival – Karnataka, Pallavothsava National Dance Festival – Karnataka, Dasara Mahothsava – Karnataka, Karavali Utsav – Karnataka, Halebeedu Utsav – Karnataka and many more.

Donning virtualistic and explicit characters in various dance ballets touring across and presenting her histrionic talent adds light to her dance career.

She has performed in many iconic choreographies of her Guru in the Dance-Dramas playing vital key roles like ‘Vidhyun Madanika’, ‘Discovery of India’, ‘Abhignana Shakuntala’,’Durga’, ‘Chalukya Vaibhava’, ‘Sampurna Ramayana’, ‘Srikrishna Tulabara’, ’Saptagireesha Panigrahana’, ‘Sooryanamaskara’- A blend of Yoga and Dance, ‘Manmatha Dahana’, ‘Vasundhara Kanda Karantha’, ‘Rani Kayikeyi’,’Shive Shiva Navarasa’, ‘Hoysala Vaibhava’ and many more…

She has also been as an examiner for Dance in Karnataka Education Board for Junior, Senior and Vidhwat grade Examinations and also for Cannoor (Kerala)- Lasya Dance School. She has also been invited as judge for several State Dance and Music Competitions. She has teaching experience in the same field for more than 20 years. Her solo performance is a visual delight in various National and International dance festivals.