Management Team

Mr P.N. Baburajan

Managing Director

Mr. P.N. Baburajan

 Professional Life

In 1986, Mr. Baburajan started his official career with ‘Qatar Armed Forces’as an administration staff. For long eight years he worked for the Force and later joined M/s Apollo Enterprisesas Administration Manager. Later the Organization has recognized his potential and gave additional responsibility as the Property Manager of the Company’s Real Estate division and he still continues with the given responsibilities.

 Media Life

Mr. Baburajan is a true journalist and one of the most notable names among the Indian Media Community of Qatar. For long years he was the Qatar correspondent for Kairali TV and special columnist in many of the Indian News Paper dailies and weeklies available in Qatar. He also an active managing committee member of IMF Qatar, an Organization formed for the Indian Medias Operating in Qatar. The quality and relevance of the Information presentation of the news made him separate from the others which also fetched many recognitions and awards including the Award for the best contribution to the Expatriate Community of Qatar from the Ministry of Interior, Doha – State of Qatar.

 Social Life

During the last 30 years, he was fortunate to work with several cultural and Charity organizations run in Qatar which plays a vital role in cultural integration and community welfare of Indian Expatriates in Qatar. Over these years, the Community identified his potential and he was given higher responsibilities each time through various Socio cultural and charitable organizations operating in Qatar.  Heading the ‘Jail and Deportation Hub’ of Indian Community Benevolent Forum (Under Indian Embassy), Managing Committee member of Indian Cultural Centre(Under Indian Embassy), Advisor and Patron of ‘Hope Qatar’, a charity organization which stand of the Children with disabilities like Autism are to name a few of his invaluable service to the society. Currently he is holding the title of ‘President’ of Bhavans Public School, Doha – one of the most leading Indian Schools operating in the region providing quality education services to the Society. He is also associated with ‘Sanskriti’, a socio-cultural and charitable Organization run in Qatarunder the aegis of Indian Cultural Centre, Embassy of India. He could contribute the best of his abilities to the society and to Sanskriti by being the General Secretary of the Organization for 6 years continuously. Above all he established ‘Skills Development Centre’,a Secular Institute that nurtures the culture of India by promoting various traditional Fine Arts and Performing Art Forms of India that too operating from two different locations in Qatar. Through his dedication and loyal efforts the Centre is now a favorite Gathering place of the Indian Community with a variety of Socio – Cultural events and activities.

His community contributions have been recognized by the Embassy of India and eventually he became a part of ‘Indian Community Benevolent Forum’, one of the nodal agencies of Indian Embassy Qatar for coordinating the community welfare, charitable and philanthropic activities for the most underprivileged Indians working in Qatar. He was head of ‘Deportation Centre’ were many of Indian expatriates relieved from their miserable life in Qatar and sent back home with a helping hand from ICBF and Indian Embassy. His dedication, effort and seamless ability to coordinate with Indian Embassy and various ministries of Qatar Government fetched him the title of ‘President’ of Indian Community Benevolent Forum. Within a short span of time Mr. Baburajan has already proved his ability as a true leader of ICBF and many creative and successful programs has already came to a reality by ICBF in coordination with Qatar’s conglomerates and ministries of Qatar Government.

 Being a true humanitarian Mr. Baburajan has contributed his best to the Community even with the most difficult circumstances that is his area of activity is in Gulf Region. Years and Age is nothing but only a number and it doesn’t stop him from keeping his love and brotherhood to the most underprivileged Indians Residing in Qatar.


Qatar Address:

P.N. Baburajan

Post Box: 2701

Doha, State of Qatar.

Mobile: +974 55532367


Mr P. Vijayakumar


He holds Master Degree in Commerce from Bombay University, India. For the last twenty years, he has been working as a Senior Accountant in a Multinational Company in Qatar. He enhanced his knowledge & experience by long stints with reputed Companies in Qatar & India.

In various domains like Media, Education & Culture, he is holding key positions as follows: Director Board Member of Frame One Media Co., Qatar, a Franchise of Kairali Channel of Kerala State, India.

Managing Committee Treasurer of Bhavan’s Public School, Qatar.

P. Vijayakumar
Mobile. 5538 5074

Mr. Jaleel AK


As an Engineer by profession, he started his official career in 1993 with a Private Company in Qatar. Working with many companies for the last 15 years, he has started his own business in 2009 with partners and continuing the same.

Being a person involved with Art & Culture, he is a friendly person and one who always try to utilize the given opportunities to promote Indian Arts & Cultural forms by associating with various Organizations. His Association with Skills Development Centre is the evidence for the same.

One of the other areas he is interested is Social work and Charity. He is associated with Sanskriti, a cultural and charitable Organization run in Qatar under the aegis of Indian Cultural Centre, Embassy of India. He was the former president of Sanskriti, he could contribute the best of his abilities to the society and to Sanskriti.

Mr. Jaleel AK
Post Box 40492
Doha, State of Qatar.
Tel. 44360250/55880430