Mr. Anoop Kumar

Anoop Kumar Mr. Anoop Kumar R is one of the most qualified trainers of Skills Development Centre. He has diplomas in Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy (D.N.Y.T) from Mahatma Gandhi University,Nature Cure & Yogic Science (D.N.Y.S) from Nila Nature Cure and Yoga Training Centre - India, Yogic Science & panchakarma Therapy from Agasthya Ayurvedic Research and Training Centre - India. He is also a certified Yoga Teacher from National Centre for Labour & Learning - Government of India.He started his professional career as a certified Yoga Instructor with about seven years back and now more than an instructor, Mr. Anoop is distinguished as a Yoga Therapist due to his proven history in curing health issues. Diabetics, Obesity, Hyper tension, Asthma are to name a few.