PRASAD PUJAR Mr. Prasad Pujar is one of the most experienced and talented performer in Hindustani Vocal Music with more than 15 years of experience in teaching Hindustani Music. Shree Prasad is holding title - ‘Sangeet Vidwat’ from SSLC board, ministry of education – Karnataka State which is treated equivalent to University degree in Classical Music. He has started learning music from the age of 15years where he has taken his first sessions of Hindustani music from Guru. Sree Pandit B.M. Pujar who was a famous performer of his time in Karnataka. He has done his higher studies and gained in depth knowledge in the field of Hindustani music from Guru Sree Pandit Chandrasekhar Bhuva Puranikmath, from Dharwad – Karnataka. Many famous concerts have witnessed the mesmerizing performance by Sree Prasad Pujar which includes 5th World Kannada Cultural Convention’ (Qatar), ‘The Rastriya Yuva Utsav’ (India).