Chatterbox Qatar at SDC

Chatterbox Qatar at SDC
Foundation and Leadership
To give the students a chance to broaden their horizons and equip them with skills for the future

The course of designed to give students a comfortable environment to build their confidence, understand their strengths and challenge themselves with new concepts and ideas.

The following aspects are covered in this course

Confidence building
Public speaking and Presentation skills
Goal setting and time management
Importance of good research
Formal etiquette
Speaking on the spot and Debate
Team work and leadership

The Foundation and Leadership course is an intensive ten day course that covers all the above mentioned aspects in an interactive and activity based setup. Students are given the opportunity to practice each skill in an environment that is encouraging and understanding of their individual capabilities and talents.

The course duration - 9 days (20 hours)
Dates - 22nd to the 30th
Timing - 9am to 11am + (1 evening )
Venue - Skills Development Centre

About the Coordinator - Ms. Sweta Bharadwaj

Ms. Sweta Bharadwaj has done her Master of Arts - Communication from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and her Bachelors in Mass Media from Bombay University. She has been involved in teaching and conducting public speaking courses for students for the past 7 years. She is an Advanced Communicator Silver in the Toastmasters Program and has won several awards at various public speaking conventions.

Chatterbox was initiated by her to give students a comfortable space to explore the world of public speaking, learning and self understanding.

Events Calendar

January - Indian Republic day
May - Drawing Competition
July/ August / September - Summer camp for
October - Navarathri Celebration
November - Annual Day Celebration
December - Winter Camp for Students
December - Qatar National Day celebration
Quarterly - Karate Belt Award Ceremony

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