Navrathri Festival

Skills Development Centre, a platform for learning Indian Fine arts and Performing Art forms located at Salata Jadeed is organizing Navrathri Dance & Music Festival as a part of Vijayadashami Festival. The Programs would be staged at Centre’s Maestro Community Hall on 6th October 2011, Thursday from 6.00pm onwards. Interested participants can register their names for Hindustani/Karnatic Music and Classical Dance. Registration for the event is open for SDC students and all others who are interested in Dance and Music. The Centre is also hosting ‘Ezhuthiniruthal’ as part of Vijayadashami. Teachers from Indian Schools shall initiate the traditional ‘Vidyarambham’ for the young children. Interested parents can register for free of cost. For registration and further information you may please contact the numbers – 44655433 / 44659481 / 55532367.

Events Calendar

January - Indian Republic day
May - Drawing Competition
July/ August / September - Summer camp for
October - Navarathri Celebration
November - Annual Day Celebration
December - Winter Camp for Students
December - Qatar National Day celebration
Quarterly - Karate Belt Award Ceremony

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