SDC to organise ‘Winter Concert 12’

Skills Development Centre (SDC), the Centre of Fine Arts and Performing Arts, is organising a Winter Concert – a Sitar performance by Pt Sanjay Deshpande – at the Maestro Hall of SDC, on Thursday, November 22, from 7.30pm onwards.

Sanjay Deshpande is a multifaceted and versatile Sitar player who is known for presenting a variety of music forms on his customised Sitar, right from very authentic Indian classical “Khayal”, Indian evergreen film songs and even Rock music. Disciple of Late Pt Vishnupant Harmadhikari; an Esraj (Dilruba) Exponent of Gwalior tradition. Sanjay Deshpande is one of the leading Sitar player of the younger generation. He is performing Hindustani classical music and composing light music since 1979.

Being the pioneer exponent of “Khayal Ang” on Sitar, he has made major changes in his Sitar so that he can play not only Hindustani, but any music on Sitar.

This Sitar is popularly known as “Sanjaykhani Sitar” by the Sitar makers.“The encouragement from the community for ‘Winter Concert’ every year have further strengthened and motivated us to invite internationally recognised artists for this grand endeavour. The event is open to the public,” the organisers announced during the press meet.

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