Skills Development CentreTen Day Personality Development Program
(22 July – 7 Aug 2012) – Four days a week (SUN, MON, WED,THURS)

Dear friends,

The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet - A quote from Lau Tzu. In similar lines, our own future is in our hands.

Doha Toastmasters and Doha Advanced Toastmasters have embarked on an ambitious project of offering a ten day personality development program for students in the age group 12 to 17 years (Classes VII to XI) at Skills Development Center, Doha between July 22 and Aug 7, 2012. We wanted to make this contribution as we can help shape the destiny of our youth who are going to be leaders of tomorrow.

The program will help the students to achieve excellence through positive self esteem and confidence, greater verbal and written communication / presentation skills, improved interpersonal and leadership skills as well as insights on managing emotion. The students will also learn effectiveness and efficiency by learning goal setting and problem solving skills besides time management. Well, this benefit will be a life long success story! Course Fee is QAR 500. Envisaged Batch Size - 24 students on first come first served basis. Last date for submission of entries is 15 July 2012. Cancellation, if any, will be entertained only till 17 July 2012. An event not to be missed as developing a winning attitude in today's students will be a great contribution we can make for future.

You may please contact Skills Development Centre, Doha for Registration – Mrs. Rema Tel.44659481, 44655433) . Program Timings : 715 PM to 930 PM. Program Dates - July 22 (Inauguration), 23, 25,26, 29, 30, Aug 1, 2, 5 and 7 (Tue - Grand Finale).

For further queries, kindly contact the undersigned or TM Deepak Shivankar, VP Education, Doha TM (66675531)

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