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The Skills Development Centre, a fine arts and performing arts school in Doha, celebrated its 9th anniversary recently.

Major Ghanem Sa’d al- Khayarain, chief of Community Police, at the Ministry of Interior inaugurated the function.

Birla School chairman C V Rappai, President of Bhavan’s Public School Saleem Ponnambath and Chairman and Founder of Sri Lankan (Stafford) Community School Kumudu Fonseka were among the guests.

The cultural show featured a host of items by the trainees at the academy.

A fusion dance focusing on the plight of women in general and the ultimate victory of good over the evil was among the main attractions.

The programme also featured Mohiniyattam and Kuchupidi classical dances, violin, guitar and Keyboard and piano recitals, violin fusion, Carnatic music, Tamil songs, cinematic dance and a tabla performance by Santhosh Kulkarni and his trainees.

There was also a demonstration by karate students.

Teachers Kalamandalam Devi, Kalamandalam Simna, Sileeb Kumar, Santhosh Kulkarni, Rajesh and Administrator Nisha Aquin Lal organised the program. Vidya Anil was the anchor.

Managing Director P N Babu Rajan welcomed the gathering and Director A K Jaleel proposed a vote of thanks.

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