Our Photo Gallery List

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SWARALAYA 2017Videos
Navrathri Dance & Music Fest 2017ImagesVideos
Eid Al Adha CelebrationVideos
SWAS 2017 - Grand Finale (New Salata Branch)ImagesVideos
SWAS 2017 - Grand Finale (AL Thumama Branch)ImagesVideos
Dance Performance at Guruvayur TempleImagesVideos
SWAS 2017 - Camp Fire (Al Thumama Branch)Images
Samarpanam (Prof. Leelamma)ImagesVideos
International Yoga Day 2017Images
Melodia 2017Images
Karate Belt Award 2017Images
Swathithirunal 2017Images
Holi Ke RangImages
Padwa Pahat 2017ImagesVideos
Holiday Camp 2017Videos
V Dance 2016Videos
Republic Day Celebration at ICCVideos
Kids Yoga CampImages
Republic Day 2017ImagesVideos
Spring Camp 2017ImagesVideos
Karate Award CeremonyImages
Swaralaya 2016ImagesVideos
Diwali PahatImagesVideos
Navarathri Dance & Music Fest 2016Videos
SWAS 2016 Grand FinaleImagesVideos
Al Thumama- SWAS 2016 - CampfireImages
SWAS 2016 - CampfireImagesVideos
MOI - Eid CelebrationVideos
2nd International Day of Yoga CelebrationImagesVideos
Free Workshop for International Yoga Day 2016Images
Achievers Day 2016ImagesVideos
Taal Yatra 2016Images
Sangeethika Music Fest 2016ImagesVideos
Karate Belt Awarding Ceremony 2016Images
Padwa Pahat 2016Images
Swathi Dance and Music Fest 2016Images
Dance Fest 2016Videos
Branch Inauguration CeremonyImages
Qatar National Sports Day '16Images
Karate Belt Award 2016Images
Winter Concert 2015Videos
SDC Participation for Qatar Nationa Day 2015Videos
Archana 2015ImagesVideos
Parents Day 2015Videos
Vijayadashami Celebration 2015ImagesVideos
Sreenandha Rajesh Bharathanatyam PerformanceVideos
SDC Junior for MOI Eid CelebrationVideos
SWAS 2015 - Grand FinaleImages
Onam Celebration 2015ImagesVideos
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Condolence MeetingImages
Camp Fire - SWAS 2015Images
Aster Medical Camp - SWAS 2015Images
Personality Development Class - SWAS 2015Images
Melodia 2015ImagesVideos
Holiday Camp 2015ImagesVideos
SDC Drawing, Painting & Essay Competition ImagesVideos
Parents Day 2015ImagesVideos
Public Event 2015Videos
Winter Concert 2014Videos
Archana 2014 ImagesVideos
Annual Day Live Stream VideoVideos
SDC Arts ExhibitionImagesVideos
Eid Al Adha Fest 2014ImagesVideos
SWAS 2014 Grand FinaleImages
Summer Camp- July 2014Videos
Karate student - Honoring FunctionVideos
Karate Belt Awarding CeremonyImages
Dance Fest'14ImagesVideos
Swathithirunaal 2014Videos
Sangeethika Music Fest 2014ImagesVideos
Dance Fest 2014ImagesVideos
Taal Yatra 2014ImagesVideos
Dance Festival 2014ImagesVideos
Winter Camp Grand Finale 2013ImagesVideos
Navarathri FestivalImagesVideos
Nerode Maveli Asianet TV Team Visit at SDCImagesVideos
SWAS 2013 - Grand FinaleImagesVideos
Independence Day 2013ImagesVideos
Iftar Meet 2013Images
SWAS 2013 - CelebrationImagesVideos
SWAS 2013 - INAUGURATION ImagesVideos
World Music Day 2013Images
Taal YatraImages
Archana '13ImagesVideos
Swathithirunal Dance and Music Festival 2013Images
Stitch & Knot - School for StitchingImages
Swathi Sangeetholsavam 2012Videos
Hindustani Music CncertImages
Winter Camp Grand Finale 2012ImagesVideos
Navarathri 2012ImagesVideos
Vidhayarambham 2012ImagesVideos
Painting Exhibition 2012Videos
Summer Camp 2012ImagesVideos
World Music Day - Summer Concert 2012ImagesVideos
Karate Award May 2012ImagesVideos
Swathi Thirunal Music & Dance FestImagesVideos
Archana '12ImagesVideos
Winter Camp 2011Videos
Karate Belt Award Ceremony 2011ImagesVideos
Vijayadashami 2011ImagesVideos
SWAS 2011ImagesVideos
Independence Day 2011Images
Summer Camp 2011ImagesVideos
Website Launching CeremonyImages
Vidhayaram 2010Videos
Summar camp 2010ImagesVideos
Keyboard & Guitar Images
Classical MusicImages
Felicitaion CeremonyVideos
Karate Award 2010Videos
Independence day 2010Images